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Male Baby American Short Hair

If you have questions about Mushu please contact

Glass Slipper Animal Rescue Houston

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About Mushu

Mulan and her brother Mushu were born 3/19/17. They are sweet kittens. They both have gorgeous green eyes! We would like them to go together, as cats always do best in pairs. They entertain each other instead of looking for extra mischief. These babies have lots of snuggles to give! They have been around children, and are friendly, but they need time to acclimate and are on the skittish side. If there are older children willing to be patient, that would work wonderfully. They are fully vetted. They have been combo tested and are negative. Their shots include FVRCP, FELV, and rabies, and they are fixed. Adoption fee: $200 total for both kittens... again... this includes all vetting.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Hello everyone!!! I am Venus. I was originally found on I-45 on a rainy day. I was super scared (dodging so many cars that didn't seem t... show more

Hello everyone!!! I am Venus. I was originally found on I-45 on a rainy day. I was super scared (dodging so many cars that didn't seem to slow down or do anything to make sure I was ok). Then, this lady started calling me... she sounded about as stressed as me.... she was trying to guide me away from the traffic I realized... so... I decided... she must be trying to help... THANK GOODNESS.... so I walked up to her... when she motioned me to get in her car... well, I jumped right in.... phew... off that crazy freeway... remind me never to go on one of those alone again!!!! Next, she took me home and bathed me... I was a little scared of that guy that came to help her... but only for like a minute. He made silly sounds at me, and I was like ok mister😁😁😁... you are friends with the lady... so, we can be friends too.... you are funny! Next, I overheard the lady talk to silly man, and they said they had no place for me, but that I couldn't go away back to where I was... I was super listening... where was I going?!?! What was to happen to me?!?!... Then, the lady came up and was soooo happy and told me I would meet my new foster mommy tomorrow. I wasn't sure what that was, but she was happy, so I was too!!! Next day, I did meet my foster mommy!!! OMG!!! I love her!!! SOOOO MUCH!!! She has cared for me a whole lot!!! She helped me have that surgery so I don't have to have more babies ( I am only 2-3 years old... but I have had LOTS of babies... I super love my babies... I am super interested anytime I see/hear a puppy sound, but I was getting a little tired!! and I was sooo skinny, I don't think I could help more babies survive), foster mommy helped keep me calm through Harvey and other storms ( I get a tad anxious... not too much, but a tad... storms can be super scary!!!) ... Oh, and foster mommy gives me so many treats I can't eat them all!!!... well, I DO eat them all, but ya know... how could a girl refuse food?!?!! I wouldn't want to be rude or anything! Anyways, she is super amazing!!! I know she has lots of doggies already though, so I understand when she tells me that she loves me a WHOLE lot, and that I am welcome for as long as I need to stay, but that there is a family of my own some where... that will love me as much... well... she says more, but I know that is so silly... I don't think anyone can love me more... but I understand... she wants what is best for me...and I trust her, so... I know my family is looking for me... I SURE AM LOOKING FOR THEM!!!.... Oh, also, I have to admit... I am a little scared of new puppy friends. I trust humans... I even trust kitties now... though they are silly and sometimes I just ignore them b/c they confuse me... But, other puppies that seem scary or that I am not sure about... I get a little defensive... I mean come on, can you blame me?!?!... I had to fight for myself and defend myself and my babies in my past life... can't trust another until you can. My new friends say I don't need to be scared, and I trust them and all, but I have been hurt, and I cannot help it at 1st... after a proper introduction and time... I love all new brothers and sisters and want to kiss them lots, but you have to understand and give me a few weeks. Also, I am a little rough to be around small children, but will be ok with older kids. Oh, oh, OH!!! ... foster mommy said it is dinner time... gotta fly... talk to you soon!!! Love you new family.... please find me soon, Love, Venus Adoption fee: $200 (comes with heartworm meds to match her vaccines) show less