MAD Rescue Volunteers Form Including Transport Drivers

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Personal Information

MAD Rescue Volunteering

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MAD Rescue (Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue, Inc.).  It is wonderful to be involved with a group of like-minded people who come together for the good of Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds in need. There are a great number of ways to volunteer, and below you will see several sections for opportunities.


Current volunteer contact(s):

Volunteering “Boots on the Ground” Within Your State or Region:

Dog Evaluation & Assessment:

Transport Driver

State Representative

State Representatives will be a primary shelter and owner surrender contact for a state. They will also be a contact for foster homes and transport. This position is typically filled by volunteers already with MAD Rescue, but for underserved areas, a new volunteer could be trained for this role. There may be more than one State Representative.

Mad Rescue “behind the scenes” Volunteering

The following sections highlight the many opportunities to work behind the scenes to help with the rescue's efforts. 

Reference Checker

Reference checkers help with the application screening process. They are assigned applications to check two personal references, vet references and landlord if needed. They will work with forms, form letters, and a database.

Home Visit Volunteer---Physical Location Visit

Volunteer will perform in-person home visits when proximity allows for it. This position will involve working with applicants, rescue guidelines, and forms.

Home Visit Volunteer---Virtual/Video Representative

Volunteer will conduct video home visits with applicants. Video home visits occur via platforms like Facetime, Zoom, and Messenger Video. This position will involve working with guidelines, applicants, and forms.

Adoption Counselor

This position will work with dogs and applicants to get a match made. This involves maintaining contact with current fosters, contacting potential applicants, and finalizing adoptions.  Working with a database, creating transport runs (or requesting transport support) and following up with adopters after adoption are also components. This will be an applicant-facing position with direct contact to applicants and other MAD Rescue volunteers.

Foster Counselor

A Foster Counselor’s role will be to assist Adoption Counselors and/or to assist foster homes with transitioning a new dog to their home and through the process to the dog’s forever home.

Transport Coordination

(This position may require more time commitment)

This position monitors and communicates (phone/text) with the transport team to help facilitate changes to the run or escalate issues that arise.

Bridge Program – Dog Trainer Consultant

Dog Trainers: The Bridge Program is designed to help fosters and/or new adopters to have support to work through an issue or two as they bring a dog into their home. This is typically a remote position offering phone or video link consultation.

Other Rescue Support

Other possible volunteer opportunities. Please select all that apply:

Thank you!

Thank you again for your desire to volunteer on behalf of Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd dogs. A MAD Rescue volunteer will reach out soon to connect with and the general contact email for the rescue is

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