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Male Senior Labrador Retriever / Blue Heeler

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Final Frontier Rescue Project

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About Max

If you are looking for a playful older dog, Max is your boy. Max is a nine year old Labrador mix looking for a home for napping, spending some time outside, or just playing with his tennis balls. Max has shown his appreciation for water even in just a doggy pool but also enjoys water in nature. Max's human cannot run out of tennis balls! He prefers to have two in his mouth with one between the paws. That is his doggy heaven. He will also play tug of war and keep away. He is a good fetcher. Sometimes he is ready for another throw and other times Max will drop it for you. Max is looking for a home where he can get some activity but a nice place to enjoy the indoor weather, too. As a black dog, Max would appreciate a back yard pool. Apartment living would also be a good choice since Mac does sleep the day away while his humans away. Max’s foster works from home and reports Max is an easy going dog who does not interrupt her day but also knows when it is time for a break and when the clock says 5:00pm.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Bella was dumped. Now she is being fostered by someone who witnessed the outdoor part of her growth from tiny puppy to abandoned adolesc... show more

Bella was dumped. Now she is being fostered by someone who witnessed the outdoor part of her growth from tiny puppy to abandoned adolescent. Bella's foster says: "In the first three days, we saw a terrified little girl that still has hope and and trust in humans, even though she was failed originally. She didn’t even know what a simple dog toy was. Most likely never had a collar around her neck and most definitely never walked or been on a leash. She knew she was safe from being all alone in a field across from a cemetery, waiting for someone to come back. A once happily loved pup, she became a moving ornament that barked in the backyard out of loneliness and sadness. I see that sadness and disappointment in her eyes even with the happiness of all the love and care we give her to trust even more that her life will not be as it once was. I have held off on sweeping the inside of the house after seeing Bella cower with her tail tucked so tight when my husband went to sweep the hay off the back porch as she sat at my feet. He saw it the same time I did, immediately he stopped. Bella was shaking so terrified. He got down on the patio floor and picked her up into his lap just to hold her reassuring her it’s going to be alright. My heart broke. Was she beaten with a broom? We suspect it. Or has she never seen a broom, cause the amount filth the owner was cleaning and repairing in the house she once lived in. If she was beaten... How can people be so damn cruel to an innocent animal?" Bella is now safe. She needs spay surgery, vaccine boosters, and heartworm treatment. She is among the lucky dogs who are rescued instead of living their entire short lives in a yard, on a chain, or on the streets. Bella is friendly with people and other dogs. She has a foster but if you are interested in adopting Bella, you could foster-to-adopt. show less