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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog

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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

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About Miller

It's Miller time! I'm Miller's foster mom, and I am just delighted to tell you what a wonderful boy he is. Miller is an exceptionally laid back and very easy going dog. Miller is very dedicated and loyal, and always wants to be with his family when they are home. He has no issues staying alone, but once his family is around, he wants to be with them. While we don't know any definite background on Miller, he is very well mannered and is either trained quite well, or is just lucky at guessing what you are trying to tell him to do. He listens very well. He enjoys his toys, and loves to play keep away or proudly put them all in a big pile, as if enjoying the fact that they are all his. Miller is fully house trained. He is highly food motivated, and that makes training very easy. He walks well on a leash. Miller is very smart, and so handsome that he just makes you melt every time you look at him. Miller is very determined to always be with his people. He has trouble with climbing uncarpeted stairs, so we think he would do best in a single story home.

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Luna Rosa

German Shepherd Dog

Sweeter than honey. Playful as a puppy. Little Luna Rosa came from a loving family who was forced to surrender her to the good folks at... show more

Sweeter than honey. Playful as a puppy. Little Luna Rosa came from a loving family who was forced to surrender her to the good folks at the GHGSDR because their new child was dangerously allergic to dogs. It was an extremely difficult and heartbreaking decision for her former family, but it means that this beautiful girl is now available for another wonderful family to love. It’s easy to see that this 5-year-old little lady still has a lot of love to give! In the time we’ve had her as a foster, Luna Rosa has been affectionate, happy and very loyal – following us everywhere around the house. She comes when called – tail-a-waggin’ – and has amazing house manners, although she’s still learning to tackle the stairs. She’s kennel-trained, housebroken and loves to go for walks (although she needs a little more leash work). She didn’t get a chance to experience different places as a puppy – like noisy patio bars or bark parks – so she’s still a little anxious in new environments. She’s great with kids, plays every day with our own GSD, and has tried to play with our little 25 lb. 10-year-old dog, (although he’d rather nap all day). She is so gentle with our small dog that we suspect she might also be good with cats, but we haven't had the opportunity to test this out. She has learned how to sit, lay down and shake like a pro. She lives for the petz and treatz! Luna Rosa is an ideal dog for anyone that wants the protectiveness of a German Shepherd Dog, coupled with the mellowness of an adult, well mannered GSD. show less

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German Shepherd Dog

I am Trace’s foster mom, and I dearly love this big, beautiful boy! Trace is initially a little hesitant, and doesn't give his heart e... show more

I am Trace’s foster mom, and I dearly love this big, beautiful boy! Trace is initially a little hesitant, and doesn't give his heart easily. He scoped things out at first, to see if I would be kind to him, and if he could trust me. But oh my goodness! When Trace falls, he falls HARD. He is a very tender and sensitive soul, and he gives his heart completely. Now he is committed to watching over me, and protecting me. He is never happiest than when he is right beside me. Trace is very intelligent, and really wants to please. He knows a few basic commands, and will come when he is called. He is house broken and crate trained. He is calm and well behaved in the house. He has never bothered anything of mine. He is a good watch dog, but he is not a problem barker. He will definitely bark to alert me if he hears something, but after I reassure him that everything is all right, he settles back down. He rides well in the car and walks well on a leash. He will sleep quietly all night on a comfortable dog bed. If I decide to sleep in, Trace will just snooze along with me, without disturbing anyone. He is super affectionate, and loves a good ear scratch and snuggle. There is only one behavior that a potential adopter needs to consider. Trace has really struggled with learning how to play with other dogs. He seems to have missed out on socializing with other dogs in his formative puppy years. I don't think he has ever lived in a house with another dog, and he has had a hard time figuring out how to do that. I have been working with him on appropriate interactions with other dogs. He is a very smart boy, and he is doing much better. He likes other dogs, and he wants to be friends, but sharing a home and a person with another dog can be confusing and difficult for Trace. For an adopter with no other pets, Trace will be an easy and delightful dog to add to your household. show less