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Adopt Squish

Male Baby French Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Animal Heartline Humane Association
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Cody and Brody

Meet Cody & Brody two special needs parakeets.(Check out all their photos, updated March 8th). We took in Cody first (April) and too... show more

Meet Cody & Brody two special needs parakeets.(Check out all their photos, updated March 8th). We took in Cody first (April) and took in Brody (Sept). Cody came in with an injured wing and injured too long to do anything for his wing. He gets around fine, just has a wing that sticks up. Cody was lonely but we were concerned about him living with another bird because we didn't want him picked on due to his wing handicap. When we got Brody and he too has an injury that is most likely permanent. We are unsure as to the cause of his injury, but believe it could have been from a larger bird in his former home injuring him (were told the other bird was jealous). Brody can't straighten his head when sitting upright, his head tilts to his left. He gets around well, but not comfortable sitting on your finger, but arm, leg or shoulder will do fine. After some playtime out of cages together these two became fast and great friends. Brody is the boss most of the time went it comes to eating, he goes first. They do have a few platform perches to rest on, but both prefer their swings. Both the birds are about 2 years old (we were told Brody is 1, but we think closer to 2 yrs old). Cody is most likely an American/English cross and Brody is a standard American Budgie (Parakeet). They both have been on fingers, but they will need patience and time to learn to enjoy it. They are fine with their foster mom reaching into their cage to move things or do what she needs to. Their adoption fee is $22.00 for the pair and they could be adopted with their cage for an additional fee of $20. Our rescue does a home visit prior to adoption, so all potential adopters need to live within 30 miles of Aurora, IL If you would like an application or have any questions please contact Debbie at show less

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Gabriel & Michael

Micheal and Gabriel are adult male Cockatiels are cage-mates. Both are Pied in color, but Michael's grey is lighter than Gabriels. They... show more

Micheal and Gabriel are adult male Cockatiels are cage-mates. Both are Pied in color, but Michael's grey is lighter than Gabriels. They are both handsome and are semi tame. They still need work to step up & come out of the cage. Gabriel is a little cage protective, much better when out. They would do best in a home where our caregiver has had some experience handling and training medium to larger birds. Our foster mom has a lot of bird experience, so she can give you tips about training. You will find her contact info below. Both of yhem were rescued from a shelter where Gabriel came in as a stray and Michael lost his home when his owner had to go to a hospital and get help. The person who brought him to the shelter knew nothing about him and never asked the owner. Our foster mom believes we both lived in houses where other birds lived. They can imitate some bird sounds and can be quite vocal, so due to this they are not really suited for apartment/condo/townhouse life. They both can wolf whistle and we think they could learn other whistles if someone taught them. We are both adults, estimated to be between 3-5 years old. Their adoption fee is $100. They can be adopted with their large cage for an additional $45.00. If you think we might be a match for your home, please contact Debbie at for more info or to get an application. Our rescue requires an application prior to meeting our pets and a home visit prior to adoption. All interested in adopting must live within 30 miles of Aurora, IL. To ask questions or to request an application to start the process please contact Debbie directly at show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

McCoy is officially adoptable!! (Cringe emoji) But please don’t apply for him. He’s absolute pit bull perfection and we’re hoping... show more

McCoy is officially adoptable!! (Cringe emoji) But please don’t apply for him. He’s absolute pit bull perfection and we’re hoping to keep him by default. If he gets no interest, we won’t be mad about it. But in true rescuer fashion, we know his spot in our home matters for all the homeless pitties that need a foster home. So, here’s some info about McCoy. He’s the worst, you definitely don’t want to meet him (that’s a lie, he’s the bestest boy ever). McCoy is a 9 year old pit bull who is as easy and as close to perfect as they come. His age is often a deterrent for people but this guy is happy, goofy, playful and has a lot of life left in him. Please read that as...grumpy, old and crotchety. But he’s also super chill. He is happy to lay around in bed with you and do nothing, or he’s happy to go for a walk, car ride or play with dog friends. He’s up for anything and is so easy. He’s potty trained and doesn’t chew anything he’s not supposed to. We will say though, he is NOT a fan of the crate. We learned this very early on when a crate was destroyed in less than an hour. Mental note, McCoy doesn’t like the crate. We figured we’d need to buy an indestructible crate but opted to try not using one first. He did great. He sleeps on a bed, in a bedroom when we leave. No crate needed for this guy. He loves all people. No exceptions. Loves them ALL! He approaches everyone with the cutest, short boy waddle that instantly puts a smile on your face. He probably won’t like you though. You’ll be the exception so move along and look for another dog. He’s 63lbs of cute but he’s still a little thin so he’ll gain a bit of weight. He was surrendered to animal control due to skin issues, his family couldn’t afford. He’s been on some meds (nothing too crazy) and we changed his food. His skin has really improved with minimal intervention. Please read that as: “his skin is horrible and there’s no way decent food could fix this mess of a dog.” He’s dog friendly. Oddly dog friendly. Not remotely reactive and is just full body and tail wiggles when he sees dogs. Immediately wants to play. He’s the easiest dog to take anywhere. A bar, the vet, a walk...ect. But there’s no need for any other family to do any of these things with him. He’s terrible. We’ll suffer through managing him, long term. McCoy lives with 3 kids, he loves them all. Because he loves everyone. But he probably won’t love your kids, so please just let him live with the kids he’s with now. Don’t confuse him by applying for him. He’s happy where he’s at. To sum up this adoption announcement: McCoy is the best dog you’d ever meet or adopt. Please don’t try to adopt him. His foster home doesn’t understand how or why he’s so amazing and easy but they like it. There has never been an easier dog who has walked through their doors. If you’re interested in meeting McCoy, please fill out an application at (please don’t fill out an app) and his foster mom will contact you. His foster mom doesn’t want to talk about a new home for him so please don’t fill out an app. McCoy is also embracing “Bring Your Pit Bull to Work” day. He’s not overly enthusiastic about it because his foster mom doesn’t even bother to get out of her pajamas these days...but he sits next to her anyway. He’s a pretty loyal guy. Not to you though...don’t apply. P.S. McCoy is not much of a “barker”. One of the kids in his foster home recently said “Does McCoy bark? Does McCoy know how to bark? Why have I never heard him bark?” This is McCoy’s foster mom’s response: “McCoy is very loud and barks all the time. His barking is very obnoxious and no one would ever want to adopt a dog that barks that much.” #mccoyissocialdistancing #doesntwanttomeetyou #fostermomisscary #dontapply show less

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English Bulldog

Hellooooo....ladies (hopefully that reads as slightly sexy/creepy, that’s the intent). I’m hungry, where’s the beef??!! Oh...that... show more

Hellooooo....ladies (hopefully that reads as slightly sexy/creepy, that’s the intent). I’m hungry, where’s the beef??!! Oh...that’s me! I’m the beef. Meatball, here! Still looking for that special adopter to let me do my own thing. Do you have snacks? Do you like being chunky and lazy? If so, you’re qualified! These crazy rescue ladies say snacks and laziness don’t qualify someone to adopt but that’s ridiculous. My shapely figure proves that snacks and a comfortable place to sleep are all I need. Well...not all I need...I like attention too. A lot of attention! I want to be pet, I want to lay around, I want you to bring me snacks and I want you to bring me snacks. Did I say that twice?? That was on purpose. Bring me two snacks. Since my last post, I haven’t changed much. I still want to do nothing and I still don’t want to listen. I’m old and wise. You worry about your life and stop worrying about what I’m doing. There is one new thing though...I’ll go in a crate now. There’s literally no reason for that though. I’m potty trained, I don’t chew and I don’t do anything but lay around. My foster mom has been adamant that I must be crate trained for my new home so I’ve been throwing her a bone and going in it. Actually, she’s been throwing me the bone, a nice tasty one. She throws it in the crate and then I’ll go in. Once I go in, I sit nicely and don’t cause a fuss. But I’m going to stare at you and shame you with my eyes because there’s no need for me to be in this crate. I’m still an old man (8 years old) pretty set in my ways. But my ways make sense. Feed me, pet me, don’t ask me to do anything. I’m tired and hungry!! Naps are life. If you think you’d like to pet me and feed me, I’m open to exploring my options. You can fill out an application at and one of the crazy ladies will contact you. Make sure you list your favorite dog treats on the application and the flavor you plan to buy. My applications aren’t first come, first served. The snacks matter. Oh, yeah...I’m good with other dogs and I need a fenced yard. show less

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We’d like to welcome this gorgeous gal, Rosie, to AHL! Rosie was surrendered to a local animal control with her litter mates and she w... show more

We’d like to welcome this gorgeous gal, Rosie, to AHL! Rosie was surrendered to a local animal control with her litter mates and she was the last one left (we know, that’s nuts)! She was lucky enough to be taken home by a volunteer when the “shelter in place” order went into effect. Animal shelters can’t do adoptions now and aren’t open to the public. This is a very sad reality for shelter animals everywhere. And many dogs aren’t as lucky as Rosie, to have had temporary housing. But even if they were, that’s temporary, and being returned to the shelter is their reality. But what we can do in this difficult time is team up and work together. Rescue transfers can still happen so shelter dogs need rescues even more than ever right now. Although this little lady was being cared for by a volunteer, a more permanent solution, which would allow for adoption, would be the best thing for her. So the volunteer who had Rosie, opted to do just that. Rosie was a shelter dog that was transferred to Animal Heartline and is now in one of our foster homes. And when she’s ready, she’ll go up for adoption. Now Rosie won’t have to go back to the shelter. We’d like to thank everyone who has been working tirelessly to get animals into the best possible situations, in these very uncertain times. But Rosie, although adorable and easy to find a home for! The shelters and temporary foster homes are still housing, adult bully breeds that still need help and they need it the most. We’ve been overwhelmed at the amount of applications we’ve received from a lot of really nice and well meaning families. A lot of apps have been very specific about breeds, sizes and ages. While we absolutely understand and respect that, the largest population of dogs in shelters right now, that have no chance of being adopted, by the public (because they’re all closed due to the virus) are the adult, large breeds. Mostly, those with beautiful block heads. We have multiple bullies we’d like to bring into our rescue. But we can’t do it without an approved home. But no matter how many apps we get, we do still have an approval process that we aren’t wavering on. We apologize if someone applied and we didn’t approve. We want to save a lot of dogs too. We don’t like denying apps but not every app works for every dog and there are some set standards that we won’t veer away from. We want the dogs and the families to be successful! And not just while this virus is keeping us home. Fostering is for the length of time it takes to get that dog adopted. It does not end when the “shelter in place” is lifted. Rosie is 10 weeks old and I going to be a large dog. She is great with all people including kids. We would really love her to live with a male dog. We do not adopt pit bull or pit mixes that are females to homes with other female dogs, To adopt Rosie go to and fill out the required application. No out of state adoptions show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Hi, friends! My name is, Ruca Ru Ru Bat Ears Babe. But you can call me, Ruca or Ru Ru, for short. I’ve been with AHL (Animal Heartli... show more

Hi, friends! My name is, Ruca Ru Ru Bat Ears Babe. But you can call me, Ruca or Ru Ru, for short. I’ve been with AHL (Animal Heartline) for quite a while and I’ve seen more than a few dogs come and go. Sadly, I’ve been on medical hold because I was heartworm positive. But I’ve officially finished my treatments and will be ready to go to a home very soon. It’s my time to shine and I’m now accepting adoption applications! I am a female, pit mix, estimated to be around 3 years old. I was surrendered with a male pit mix (Lemmy), to a shelter in Chicago. The AHL volunteers aren’t sure if Lemmy is my brother, son or mate (they do think I had puppies at some point). Our original owner pulled up to the shelter, with both of us in the back of a pickup truck, and surrendered us. We lived outside together and were both in bad shape. It was clear, we were not treated well. Although I was skinny, Lemmy was completely emaciated. I turned out to be heartworm positive though and Lemmy was not. A couple ladies from AHL came to visit us in November of 2019 and made it their mission to come back for us. On 12/5/19, we got to leave the shelter with AHL! It was touch and go for a while with our health but both myself and Lemmy are doing great now! When I was pulled from the shelter, I weighed in at 34lbs and today, I’m 48lbs (very compact and small though)! But let’s get to the more exciting info about my personality. Do you like to be happy?? You do??!! Me too!! I am the happiest, bounciest, little kangaroo of a dog there ever was. I have ZERO boundaries. I will be all up in your business. If I’m your dog, your business is my business too! Did you think you were going to sit alone, go to the bathroom alone or even shower alone? Nope. I’m coming. All things you may currently do alone, will now involve me! I LOVE people. Big people, small people, short people, tall people. ALL the people. I’m a social butterfly. I’m potty trained, crate trained and walk well on leash. I sleep in my crate all night and am in a great routine. I am dog friendly and when I first met all the dogs in my foster home, I just ran around and kissed all their faces. None of them even minded! I was just so thrilled and had such good energy, I fit into my foster home pretty easily. I’ve gotten quite comfortable in my foster home though so I am a little more vocal when seeing new dogs or when new dogs come into the house. I start to bark a lot when I see a dog I can’t get to. I feel a deep need to meet that dog ASAP, but my foster family says we need to take our time and I need to play it cool with new dogs. If I want a boy dog to put a ring on it, I need to keep composed. Apparently, no one likes a needy girl. Who knew??! REMINDER: Lemmy is up for adoption too! Our dream scenario would have Lemmy and myself, reunited in our furever home. But that is just a hope, not a requirement. I currently live with multiple males and one female. Although I get along with the female, my dog match in a furever home, would be a male. No females, please. My manners are a work in progress. I’m just so excited, it’s hard to think straight when you exude happiness! I am still learning that counter surfing isn’t appropriate. And to provide you fair warning, if you walk away from a meal, it will be gone when you come back. I’ll look at you, give you the world’s best head tilt and pretend like I have no idea where your meal went. I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced all the kids in the house that a ghost steals their food. They aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. But I do love those kids (ages 5, 7 & 12). My foster mom just laughs when this happens. She says that if those kids can’t learn to put their food in a “Ruca safe” spot, she doesn’t feel bad for them. I am doing my part by providing natural consequences for the kids. Basically, I’m a super helpful teacher. Because I am such a joyful girl, I do jump when I’m excited. But I’m very smart and my foster mom has said I’d excel in training because I’m very treat motivated. Once I’m given the “all clear” from the vet to no longer try to restrict my activity (due to heartworm treatment), I would love to do some training with a new family. I like car rides, smiling, head tilts, cuddling, and I have an impressive array of photos where I’m making my foster mom crazy, with my lack of boundaries. We could make a slideshow with the amount of awkward pictures I have with her. That’s actually a brilliant idea! Stay tuned, there may be a ‘Ruca slideshow of awkwardness’ in the future. But my foster mom does a great job, embarrassing herself on a daily basis, without my help. Let’s get me adopted and save her the shame of broadcasting even more awkward photos. Although my foster family will be sad to see me go, I’ve filled a spot for another foster dog, for months now. It’s time for me to find my family and give my spot to another dog in need. If you’re interested in meeting me, please fill out an application at and my foster mom will contact you. I’m spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. And because this is my first “official” post saying we can accept applications, there’s months worth of pictures of me. I’m the cutest! You’re welcome! show less

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Poodle (Miniature)

Tyler is a beautiful 12-13 yr male, neutered poodle whose owner passed and through no fault of his own was placed a kill shelter. It was... show more

Tyler is a beautiful 12-13 yr male, neutered poodle whose owner passed and through no fault of his own was placed a kill shelter. It was obvious to everyone that Tyler was terrified from the moment he was placed in a cage. This lil guy who had a home all his life was homeless. Animal Heartline swept in and saved Tyler from a very uncertain future. From the moment he stepped in his foster parents house Tyler has been the perfect dog. They could not ask for a better foster. Literally all he wants is to be close to his foster parents. Tyler is the epitome of a lap dog. He loves to be held and carried around. He will sleep either in the bed with them or on the couch, his choice. Tyler LOVES to run around in the backyard. The way he runs around one would never guess that he is a senior. The playfulness of him in the backyard will make anyone’s heart sing. It makes his foster parents laugh. He is a perfect copilot in the car and walks like a gentleman on the leash. Tyler is very much a snuggle bug and loves his belly rubs. There is not an aggressive bone in his body. Tyler is a super sweet and chilled guy. He has not barked since he has been in his foster home. He does well with both dogs and cats. Tyler also seems to be housebroken. He does not do well with going downstairs but is great at going up. He loves all people from 1 to 100. To him if there are hands and a lap you are OK in his book. Tyler deserves a loving home where he will never have to be fearful of loosing again. He deserves a home where his family will love him the rest of his life. This perfect, loving, calm, beautiful, loyal dog deserves only the best. He deserves to win the Powerball! The pictures are the day he was rescued and after we had him groomed To adopt Tyler go to and fill out the required application show less