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Male Baby German Shepherd Dog

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German Shepherd Dog

Oscar went through the shelter as a 6-month-old pup and again 2.5  years later after being found tied to a pole, certainly looking much... show more

Oscar went through the shelter as a 6-month-old pup and again 2.5  years later after being found tied to a pole, certainly looking much worse for wear. Although microchipped with a known address, he wasn't claimed. When we met Oscar, he weighed 67 pounds with a composite body score of 2 where the ideal is 5.  Stinky with skin infections, significant hair loss, he was a dog few would touch on an adoption floor. That is if the shelters were open.  But he surely deserved a second chance with his friendly temperament and love of humans. His foster family describes him as a terrific house guest similar to an exchange student, polite and pleasant. Oscar is always ready to give kisses, seek pets, and belly rubs.  Offering his ball, he provides his foster family lots of incentive to take a work break and play fetch.  Oscar has impeccable household manners, rides comfortably in the car, and likes his crate. He loves his sturdy balls, his fluffy teddy bears, and shepherd qualified squeaky toys. Although Oscar has a high ball drive, which is great for exercise, this three-year-old boy lacks hunt drive and quickly settles in the house when his family is busy. Oscar has been leash reactive on walks towards other dogs, and when we consulted Julia Priest with Coach for Canines, it became apparent that he is anxious about other dogs. We expect with further exposure and confidence building through training, Oscar will learn that he can look to his owner for direction and support.  Leash reactivity is a correctable issue through consistent practice; we already see positive results. For example, Oscar was delightful out on a walk with our alum Molly. And also with another of alum Echoe. He's comfortable with dogs who are indifferent to him modeling good behavior.  He walks on loose leash sensitive to signals through the leash.  This sweet boy who lights up for people has been growing out his coat faster than we expected; we are thrilled. As his skin infection abetted, we hoped his eyelids would also improve. It's a good thing that Oscar became ours, as he needs more medical attention. Diagnosed with entropion in both eyes, Oscar is on antibiotic ointments to reduce the inflammation of his eyes. He will be having surgery to correct his eyelids in the next couple of weeks and relieving him of a painful condition where the eyelids roll inward, causing the eyelashes to irritate the cornea. We are grateful for all of our volunteers' and donors' support to ease Oscar's pain. He is a happy boy despite his medical issues, so appreciative of the love he's receiving. It has taken a large chunk of our financial resources to bring Oscar to an ideal body score and grow his coat in the last six weeks. As he's healed, we aren't sure how much of a GSD he has in his gene pool. He appears to be a little of that, a bit of this. But to us, he's super cute and loving. He's been exceptional at his dermatology and regular vet exams, earning lots of treats for his easy-going personality.  Oscar came to us with lots of skills; he has a reliable sit, down, paw, stay, leave it, drop it, and other manners. He performs those requests on a dime for his ball, a little slower for treats. Oscar has a super soft mouth for treats, chewing each morsel to capture the flavors. We believe he was a much-loved, well-socialized pet in his previous life where something went wrong for him to reach the condition we found him in.  Are you interested in Oscar? We ask that you have experience with a working breed or large breed dog and be committed to his health and training to build his confidence.  In return, you will have an outstanding companion to adore you for the rest of his life.  ##629371## show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Thank you so much for your interest in Renjer, due to the fantastic interest in him we will be pausing adoption applications for Renjer.... show more

Thank you so much for your interest in Renjer, due to the fantastic interest in him we will be pausing adoption applications for Renjer. This will allow our adoption team volunteers to respond timely to the applications received to date. If there is not a good match for Renjer in the current applications, we will indicate that we will accept additional applications by turning on his adopt button.  Renjer's life is changing this week and we are so happy to be part of the solution for Renjer and his family. A prior adopter who is a neighbor reached out to make the connection for Renjer when his family faced a life-altering event. Upon meeting 7 y/o Renjer, we found a super sweet mature boy who is agile, swift, and can do bursts of effortless zoomies in the backyard. Renjer has been living with a young boy, a cat, and a shepherd mix who is heading to her original rescue. Just like us, her rescue takes their dogs back when circumstances change.  Tail wagging, attentive especially when yummy treats are involved Renjer is a fun and goofy boy. He loves toys and if the toy is super amazing, he might just have to run around with glee for a few laps before bringing it back for more tosses. He has been respectful of the kitty for years, rarely giving it chase. A snuggler, he enjoys laying next to his people on the couch for downtimes and car rides to fun activities. He is looking for a wonderful family with an active lifestyle where he can be included. Due to work schedules, Renjer has been at home more than out and about lately,  he can be alone for up to 9 hours as his family works away from home. He's a human magnet, a lover of people and dogs. Let's get him matched to a family that appreciates all of his lovely qualities.  He passed all aspects of his evaluation easily including meeting an unfamiliar dog with a relaxed body and tail wagging. He was a little shy, respectful,  then an invitation to play followed. He is heading to the vet for his wellness exam on Thursday and moving into his foster home where he will be living with a resident cat and equally agile resident dog.  Interested in Renjer, please let your adoption counselor know of your interest. If you are not approved for adoption currently, please submit an application for approval via the adopt button. He may need some refreshers in training as all dogs do when switching a known home and lifestyle. As such we encourage a group training class to create a loving bond while refreshing skill sets of both the dog and adopters.  ##677004## show less

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German Shepherd Dog

Tala whose fosters often call her Tesla was one of 3 puppies that we brought into our program. Tala is the remaining pup waiting to find... show more

Tala whose fosters often call her Tesla was one of 3 puppies that we brought into our program. Tala is the remaining pup waiting to find her forever family as her littermates Luce and Lilo have been adopted. She is an affectionate, funny puppy who loves her foster family shadowing her people in true GSD fashion eager to be involved in all activities. She is crate and potty trained, rides well in cars and happy to play with her toys and balls.   Tala has excellent house manners, sleeps peacefully in her crate throughout the night. Tala's good communicator as when in her crate at night, she will let her foster mom know if she needs to go out. She alerts well to her needs during the day also. Tala would do fine living in a home with another dog as she is dog-friendly or living solo. Tala is making great strides with her anxiety towards men, the intensity of which wasn't apparent until we matched her to an adoptive family. Tala displayed fear based anxiety towards the male member of her new home on the first day in their home, we felt it was best to have her come back for us to help her manage this as SIP restrictions were being put in place. We brought Tala back and consulted with our trainer as to behavoir modifiations and training needed, helping her gain confidence and to look to her handlers for direction when she is unsure. A difficult task in shelter in place times but thankfully her fosters love Tesla and wanted the best for her. Her foster family is so proud of her progress as they worked with exposing her to new experiences in various settings even during shelter in place restrictions. Visiting Lowe's and other places with higher concerntrations of men to give her treats and tell her she's such a good girl while practicing social distancing. She is now living with another male in her foster home as family members have transitioned home during this pandamic, she is friendly and playful with him whereas she would have been barky and avoidant initially prior to their concencerted efforts.  WIth the relaxation of SIP rules, our volunteers have been taking Tesla on additional training and confidence building outings multiple times a week without her foster family for her to gain additional confidence and take cues from their dogs in a variety of places. She has been quite comfortable in their care, pleasing them as well with her progress.  Tala is a super sweet, affectionate pup who will return the loves in spades for her forever family who will need to be cognisant of her confidence needs and help her blossom in new circumstances with a steady hand. She is super sensitive so we are looking for an adopter who has the rare combination of being a strong handler but at the same time a handler that will help Tala continue to gain confidence in new situations and with new people. This litter of six puppies had been found dumped in a remote area and were cared for by the finders and turned over to the shelter after a few weeks. As the pups were undersocialized and reliant on each other, rescues were sought for the six pups as they are more likely to thrive in rescues rather than a shelter setting. A fourth littermate pulled by Greater California German Shepherd Rescue, was recently adopted and DNA tested. They shared the results showing that this litter is predominatly shepherd with an interesting combination of other breeds. Two remaining littermates were ultimately adopted by the shelter.  50% German Shepherd12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier12.5% American bulldog12.5% Rottweiller12.5% breed groups - sporting, guard, Asian and Herding  Adopters interested in Tala will need to demonstrate experience raising either a shepherd or other large breed puppies and a firm commitment to participate in puppy and adult training classes for her to grow into a terrific adult shepherd. Tala is living in a  San Jose area foster home ready for meetings with approved adopters. ##558681## show less