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Female Young Great Pyrenees

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About Shelby

Meet the gorgeous Shelby! Our million-dollar Great Pyrenees rescue – not really but there is a lot of truth to that statement. Shelby landed in SNIPSA’s adoption program in September of 2019. Yes that sounds like a long time ago but there is a reason she has been with us for many months. Shortly after being placed in foster care, Shelby’s foster mom noticed that she walked with an awkward gait, almost bunny hopping at times. She was referred to a specialty hospital and low and behold was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. Sure she could get by but would eventually develop arthritis in her hips and would be uncomfortable over time. The Cadillac treatment given her young age was a hip replacement. Yes the real deal with a titanium hip that would cost upwards of 6k per hip and she needed two. Wowzie! So SNIPSA set out to help her and provide the most optimal care. Shelby had surgery in December 2019 and would require 8 weeks of confinement with gradual return to exercise. This was a challenge in and of itself keeping a youthful playful sixty pounds large-breed pup confined to a non-slip carpet and a puppy pen. The devoted foster rearranged her house and made it happen. A few months later, Shelby was moving like a champ and ready to take on the world. Shelby completed her second hip replacement in May and will be ready to go mid-July! It is amazing how far these surgeries have come and how gifted her surgeon is at Blue Pearl. A little bit about Shelby’s personality… when Shelby was initially rescued from a rural shelter, she was a little unsure of family life. She was boisterous, didn’t have the best manners, and clearly had never walked on a leash. She was unsure of passing cars and thought the deer were going to take her out. Now, she is a well-behaved lady that has experienced dog life with a real family. Her foster family has taught her to walk on a leash with ease, ride in a car, and even make frequent trips to the family’s lake house. Shelby has befriended the neighbor’s dog and has regular play dates where she will rumble and tumble for hours. She is perfectly housebroken, crate trained, and has mastered obedience such as sit, stay, and shake. Shelby is very affectionate with her foster family and trusts them wholeheartedly. The ideal home for Shelby would be one with older kids given her larger size and moderate energy level. She adores her teenage boys at the foster home. She would be fine as a single dog as long as she gets adequate exercise. If adopted into a household with another dog, it would be ideal that the dog has a similar love and affection for play. She embodies all the typical traits of this lovely breed – stoic, stubborn, affectionate, devoted, protective (remember this breed was used to guard livestock), silly, majestic, and just all around a wonderful dog. Her beautiful double coat will require brushing and will shed so consider that when considering adoption. If you think you have what it takes to provide sweet Shelby with the optimum home, please complete an application. Again, she is our million- dollar dog and we want to ensure she ends up in the best home with a family that will love her for many years to come. An added bonus if the adopter is familiar with this breed but not required as long the potential owner is a savvy and devoted dog lover. Check out her video and see this girl shine.

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​Where do we begin with sweet Pandora? This precious soul has been in SNIPSA’s care since November 2019. It was a few days before Th... show more

​Where do we begin with sweet Pandora? This precious soul has been in SNIPSA’s care since November 2019. It was a few days before Thanksgiving when we were forwarded a photo of a dog laying in a kennel at our local shelter unable to stand or even sit. She lay on a pile of blankets with a bowl of food and water next to her face. Hit by a car and found in a field, she had been at the shelter for a week just waiting for someone to possibly step up. We knew she was broken, we just didn’t know how broken. Plans were made to remove her from the shelter with hopes her injuries were sustainable. In typical SNIPSA fashion, she was referred to Blue Pearl where she was evaluated by Dr. Israel. Two broken legs and an injured spine….where would we go from here? The goal… to get her comfortable and weight bearing …but we knew it would take time, lots of money, and even more time. All the thoughts run through your mind as a rescuer. There are no guarantees…are her injuries even fixable…would she be better off humanely euthanized….how much will it cost….is it worth spending a disproportionate number of dollars on just one rescue when there are so many others needing help…the questions are endless and race through your mind. But we were invested and simply had to trust it would work out. After a month at Blue Pearl and with tremendous nursing care, she made it out of the hospital. She endured multiple surgeries, several radiographs, had an indwelling urinary catheter, numerous “labs,” and even an infection at the fracture site. She had to be walked in a sling for weeks until her broken bones would form a callous. If you have ever witnessed a dog to try to walk with both a fractured front leg and a fractured back leg, it is quite a sight, especially for an older dog. She hobbled and put forth great effort, but the menagerie of drugs she had to take didn’t make her feel very well. She was on numerous antibiotics for a complication with an implant and of course daily pain medication. It was a process weaning her off her medicine and ensuring she was making progress. After spending several weeks in the home of a veterinarian, a devoted foster family stepped up and offered to rehab her. She has been with this same family for well over 4 months and they have poured their hearts and soul into providing the best care possible. She is a permanent fixture in their living room, kitchen, playroom, you name it, she makes herself known. Pandora likes being waited on and the reason she has earned the namesake “Princess Pandora.” She is still unsteady in her rear but seems to compensate in her front. She wears a “Help Me Up” harness and requires a little guidance getting up from time to time. It isn’t difficult – just a new routine. She does all her business on her own and lets you know when she wants to go outside. In fact, she loves being outside especially on the pretty sunshiny days. Despite her injuries, she is relatively low maintenance. She has a hearty appetite, loves having her long hair brushed, adores children of all ages, and tends to ignore other dogs. We don’t need to share exact numbers on what we have spent on this beauty, but let’s suffice to say it is 5 digits. Currently she is taking steroids for the unsteadiness in her rear and to help her get around. She will require a committed owner that is comfortable helping her get up when she needs assistance. She is a friend for life and is sure to enjoy any of your cooking. She still sleeps on her pile of blankets just like the very first day we rescued her. She is a super special dog that deserves a hero. 5 to 6 months in foster care might just be the longest we have ever had a dog under our wings. We wanted to make sure she was in the best shape we could offer. A big salute to her foster family for bringing her this far. We couldn’t begin to do what we do without committed families. Just watch her video and you will see how far this girl has come. It’s actually pretty heartwarming and somewhat of a miracle. Introducing Miss Princess Pandora! show less