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Male Domestic Short Hair

If you have questions about Reginald please contact

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Inc.

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About Reginald

Reginald is a sweet, independent, vocal, thumbed cat! He’s not currently big on being picked up/cuddled, but he is a fan of coming over to chat and get some pets. He’s a good eater, a VERY good sleeper, and he enjoys watching birds and playing with toys – especially if they’re filled with catnip. When he’s awake, he’s getting pets, rolling around on the ground, or exploring his surroundings, but remains mostly on the ground. He’ll jump up onto a windowsill or a lone counter, but has not yet begun jumping up onto couches/beds. He is an absolute sweetheart, and just a beautiful cat as well!  

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Gefilte Fish & Macaroni

Domestic Short Hair

Gefilte Fish is a 5 month old firecracker. He has lots of energy and loves to play & run. He has CH, but this does not stop him from... show more

Gefilte Fish is a 5 month old firecracker. He has lots of energy and loves to play & run. He has CH, but this does not stop him from trying to climb, or jump, on everything. He does not like to be picked up for very long, and is not much of a cuddler. However, he does like pets and will let you know when he wants them by purring very loudly and wrapping his tail around your leg. Fish also loves to play in the litter box, and has a habit of knocking litter out of it to make his very own well-crafted pile on the floor. Fish also talks a lot-  it is very common to hear him meowing or chattering throughout the day. He is a little hesitant and afraid when meeting new humans, but eventually learns to make new human friends. Fish loves to play with and bathe his friend Macaroni. Macaroni is around 3 months old. He is very small, with big eyes and ears. Macaroni, like Fish, is also very adventurous. Macaroni loves elevated surfaces and will jump on everything to make sure he knows what is going on and is included. He loves people, and must be touching his people at all times. At night, Macaroni wants to sleep cuddled up to you as close as possible. Macaroni enjoys running around and playing with Fish, and knows how to jump to a place Fish cannot get to when he gets tired. Macaroni loves to take naps. Macaroni is still getting used to the litter box, but is learning and adjusting quickly. He naps a lot, and prefers to do so where he can be right next to you! He likes to help you work from home by climbing on your work station and eventually plopping down for another nap cuddled up against your leg.  These two kittens are bonded and must be adopted together -- applications for just one of them will not be processed. Please note that these two kittens are recently rescued and not yet spayed/neutered -- their adoption fee will be higher to cover their surgeries. show less

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Herculena & Nichols

Domestic Short Hair

Nichols is one of the lucky ones - rescued from the street, where he had been living (cold, alone and hungry). He must have been living... show more

Nichols is one of the lucky ones - rescued from the street, where he had been living (cold, alone and hungry). He must have been living with 2-legged friends at some point, because he just loves being inside, cuddling, and playing! He is very curious and the first of the cats to run into the other room when he hears unusual noises, breakfast or dinner being prepared or the treat bag shaking! He also likes greeting humans when they come home from work, and will be sitting there when the front door opens. He loves Herculena and is a great adopted big brother, showing her how to play, how to love and how to be loved. Rescued at 5 weeks old from the NYC Shelter with a rectal prolapse, and initially thought to be a little man we called Hercules, this strong woman, now known as Herculena, showed her mighty strength by stoically receiving lots of vet treatment and recovering in record time!! Herculena is your typical kitten - playful, curious and loving. Herculena is absolutely adorable and you can see why - she will chase down any ball or toy you throw; cuddle and lay on top of you; and follow you around the home. She has fallen in love with Nichols, who is really a big brother at just over one year old. We would love to see them adopted together, but not a requirement. Both do need a friend, though! show less