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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

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05/28/20 13:52Reason animal needs rescue: Unable to complete handling, body ripples, and tense postureType: BEHAVIORDate animal needs rescue by: 06/02Impound type:STRAYAdditional notes: Is up in the front of the kennel when handler leash has whale eye and is lip licking. Environmentally distracted in the enclosure. No interested in handler. When attemptng to pet body ripples does not recover. Unable to complete handling at this time . When meeting helper dog no interest, moves passed , attempts to seek escape route AVega06/02/20 14:13Slight change in behavior. Takes long time to warm up. When taking her out of the kennel the first time, was coming slowly forward, head lower, eyes dilated. Outside in pen was walking around the handler, always walked to the fence when she heard people walking by. When handler comes closer, lifts paw. Body still ripples when giving gentle pets on her back. Body is facing away from the handler, mouth closes when petted. When taking her out the second time, soft eyes, slight tail wiggle. When meeting other dog, pulls towards and then freezes, no reaction at first, after few seconds walks away. Will place on the walk board to see if she warms up more. RK06/03/20 07:54 extended through 6/5/20. mr06/06/20 10:41Passing behaviorComes towards handler when coaxed able to complete invasive handling. Seeks attention from stranger ACA. No interest in food at this time. When meeting helper dog moves in frontal then freezes, helper dog is sniffing facial area. Gives lip curl then moves away. Stays about a 6 foot distance from helper dog without engaging. When helper dog attempts to sniff facial again gives air snaps AVega

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06/12/20 09:58Reason animal needs rescue: Low interest, environmentally distracted and tense body with handlingType: BEHAVIORDate animal... show more

06/12/20 09:58Reason animal needs rescue: Low interest, environmentally distracted and tense body with handlingType: BEHAVIORDate animal needs rescue by: 06/16Impound type: OS- not getting along with owner partner (attempting to lung/ growl)Additional notes: Low, gives check ins and comes when coaxed more interested in sniffing handler. Environmentally distracted. Tolerant, body is tense with some ripples. But allows full handling With helper dog moves in and sniffs, breaks into bows and attempts to paw helper Interested in food, a bit tense when assessment hand is present. Able to take bowl away. Owner reports. First was underneath owner desk , curled up when partner entered the room growled and lip curled, happened again when dog got up (seem like was about to lung but nothing). Second time in the living room owner went into the kitchen partner attempted to pet and Blanco growled. Third time sitting on couch with owner and partner and when partner attempted to pet growled. All these incidents occurred with owner. When owner is not present Blanco has no interest in partner only if about to go on walk.Owner states has met small and large dogs no issues. States prepared for separation anxiety with baby gate by front door, when seeing owner 8-ft away will whine and paw towards owner.Pick eater did not like the wet food had to bribe to eat with chicken. AVega06/16/20 14:43Interested in handler this time, comes with a wiggly and loose body, able to handle and hug, possibly selective. RK show less