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Female Young 31 Flavors Mixes

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Furry smiles International Rescue-SF
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Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium)

Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Face... show more

Please visit our homepage : and fill out the application at or check our Facebook : Furry Smiles International Rescue ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aphrodite was rescued in the community where she had wandered for months. No one remembered since when she was there, at first she tried to come near to people and show her good will, but a number of them hooted at her and drove her away, some even tried to beat her with sticks. Day by day after, she got more and more solitary, kept away from human and only stayed with her dog friend, another stray dog. Rescuers tried for several times to get close and catch her, but failed. She was too smart to be caught. One day her dog friend was caught by the dog-management catchers because some resident called for that. Aphrodite ran away from the catchers. What happened to her dog friend made the rescuers decide to transfer Aphrodite to a safe place immediately. With an anesthetic needle, she was finally under control and sent to a private dog foster home. It took her nearly 6 month time to resume the trust to human. At first she always kept away from people and never responded to any calling. Little by little, she permitted people get closer. When she finally put her chin in the hand of the rescuer who took care of her, we all welled up. Now Aphrodite has returned to be a decent companion in family life. She love everyone and she can follow directions; behave well in different occasions, and take care of herself perfectly. Please open your heart and your sweet home. If you are interested in Aphrodite, or want to help her. Please contact us. show less