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Female Adult Domestic Short Hair

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Chula Vista Animal Care Facility (public)

About LEIA

Leia is a calm but friendly cat. She doesn`t like a lot of commotion and comes out for petting when you calmly call out to her. She`d make a great pet for someone who doesn`t want an active cat jumping all over the place. We don`t recommend kids or dogs because of her nervous nature. With some time, I am sure she will settle into your lap, she is lovable if you earn her trust. She currently weighs about 8 lbs. Sissy`s adoption fee is just $25 since she is part of the Long-Term Residence Club due to her extended stay with us. Thank you for considering one of our shelter pets for adoption. Applications can be filled out on our website to be considered for adoption. We are currently placing our pets into homes as `Foster to Adopt`. For specific questions you can contact our main line by phone at (619) 476-2477 or email us at animalcare@chulavistaca.govAdoption fee includes vaccines, microchips, spay and neutering and dog license if applicable. ***Some exceptions for exotic species***

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American Bulldog

Dog is deaf and almost 90 lbs. Recommend experienced sturdy adult home or rescue exit. Not for the frail. Social dog who can walk prett... show more

Dog is deaf and almost 90 lbs. Recommend experienced sturdy adult home or rescue exit. Not for the frail. Social dog who can walk pretty well on leash. Solid heavy jump ups and mouthing of hands can be disruptive. No biting but bruising almost. He appears to know some ASL hand signals. Knows sit, good boy, all done or finished. Treat motivated and can be redirected into a sit with the hope of a reward. Working with having an appropriate toy such as a Kong rubber bone to use as a substitute pacifier for mouthing hands. He does look to the handler for engagement, but becomes a frustrated teenager quite often. Needs a patient and persistent handler willing to learn this specific niche of dog training, dedicated to training and exercise.Dog to dog: Appears to be inexperienced. First encounter with a respectful medium sized calm male dog was tenative but not afraid, more puzzled and unsure. Several fenceline chain link encounters since arrival a month ago has been a learning experience. Recently a smaller bossy female taught him to play along a shared fenceline. He gradually mimicked the proper body language by mirroring her. Without the seperating fence this instruction session would never have been possible as these two dogs are not in the same weight class. She would not have been amused. His lack of knowledge must be taken into account in any future encounters. Good judgement and management is recommended. No off leash or indiscriminate dog encounters advised. show less