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Female Senior Domestic Shorthair /

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in SPCA of Hancock County

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About Etta

DSH, Brown tabby
Female, 12 years old

"Hey there! Nice to meetcha! I'm Etta, and I want OUT of this cage. I'm not going to bolt or anything, but I will tell you all about how I am so ready to be in a home again. I was living in a home for about six years, but then allergies struck. So here I am! My age is an estimate based on a veterinary check, since we're not actually sure how old I am; old enough to be a senior but spunky enough to be a younger senior! And I will tell you all about it!

"I am happy to meet new people, though I haven't had a chance to show the shelter how I do with kids so they don't know about that one. I'll keep that my little secret for now. I have made it clear I am not too crazy about other cats or dogs! I hiss when I see or smell them on you. I would much rather be an only kitty. If I have to start over with a new family and home, it might as well be purrfect for my desires and needs!

"I would love to just hang out with some humans, shoot the breeze and talk about whatever it is you humans talk about, and have plenty of yummy munchies, toys, and naps. I'm getting old to be an outdoor cat so I'd rather stay inside as much as possible, please. Just consider me your new best furriend! Gosh, I hope people start applying soon. I can't wait to get out of this shelter and rule a roost again!"

Adoption Fee: $Senior Cat (8 yr and over) 100.00

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12 years, 3 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with dogs
Ok with cats
Behavior Type
Likes toys
Litter trained
Likes catnip
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Shepherd (Unknown Type)

"I have been at the shelter for over a year now, and before that, I was in another shelter in Virginia. My background was actually misun... show more

"I have been at the shelter for over a year now, and before that, I was in another shelter in Virginia. My background was actually misunderstood when I was transferred here because of a lack of paperwork, so the story the SPCA got was that I had been a severely abused puppy. Eventually, a trainer that knew me from the first shelter reached out and revealed I was actually a rescued feral puppy! Needless to say, not knowing my background was why I had a hard time making progress, but I'm a very trainable and smart girl. "I'm 3 years old, though, and have spent a lot of time not quite understanding this world I'm in and NEVER knowing what it's like to be in a real home with a family for good. So there's a lot about being a dog that I just don't know. Like how to introduce myself, or what's actually a threat or not a threat. I really don't like sudden introductions, and I am SUPER sensitive to 'vibes'. Like if you're not calm and chill with me, I just freak out because oh my dog, what am I supposed to do then? Some dogs don't like me because they think I'm too anxious, so although I like other dogs, I need careful and slow introductions so we have time to get to know each other. Actually, that introduction rule applies to all species, including people. "Once you become my friend, though, I NEVER forget you. I will smother you with my snuggles and kisses once we're friends! I love playing with my doggie friends too. I did chase a bird before in one house that gave me a shot, though it could have been because I was overstimulated from moving. It is really easy to overstimulate me, which is why I need someone super dog-savvy and able to read when I've had enough. If I can find that person, I promise, I would be worth all the investment of time and energy!" Bella is a diamond in the ruff. She desperately needs a dog-savvy home that has the time, patience and ability to work with her to earn her trust. She snuggles fiercely, plays like a champ, is highly intelligent, loves other dogs, and is very trainable. She suffers with a few behavioral issues that stems from a tough start in life. The details are muddy, but her puppyhood was not great. Bella adores most other animals and would thrive with a confident doggy mentor sibling to teach her how to 'dog' within a home. Once Bella earns your trust and understanding, she will go to the ends of her world to please and put a smile on your face with her goofy playstyle and love of the water and toys. If you feel like investing time, love, and heaps of patience and training into this gorgeous pup- it will pay tenfold. Bella has been evaluated by a professional dog trainer to determine the course of her rehabilitation plan, as most of it has been outlined above. The dog trainer determined that Bella's future family needs to be very aware of her resource-guarding and aggression that comes from that, have a plan for introducing Bella to people, animals, and anything new, and be willing to commit to work with a trainer in the long-term to help Bella find ways to better introduce and present when meeting new situations and coping in a home life. show less