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Why Register
Your Pet's Microchip

A microchip is not a GPS locator.

When a pet is microchipped, it requires a registration to link that pet to an owner. When a lost pet is scanned, it only shows the microchip number. Without registration to the owner, in the event of accidental separation, it is virtually impossible to reconnect a lost pet with its owner.

Register Microchip

How our
registry works

No matter what manufacturer your pet's chip came from, you are able to register the chip in our microchip registry

(I.E. If it’s a Home Again chip you can still register the chip with us and it will show up in our registry if your pet goes missing).

Registering your pet will automatically create an account for you which you can use to view and update your pet’s microchip number and registration information.

Once a chip is registered in the Petstablished database, if the pet gets lost, whoever finds the pet will be able to look up the chip number and find the owner's information on our website .

We are also a participating registry with the American Animals Hospital Association (AAHA), the largest centralized database for pet microchip lookup in the country. What this means is that any chip registered in our database will also show up in a search on as a chip that is registered with Petstablished. This makes it much easier for someone to find the pet's owner if a pet is lost and the pet is registered with Petstablished. For more information, please visit

Registration is a one time fee of

and is good for the lifetime of the pet. There are no additional fees to change or update your pet or personal information.

Register Microchip